guidoism Defining Parameters

I’ve stated publicly that I want to build an airplane, but I actually have no real idea what I would build.

Amateur-built aircraft vary greatly. There are one-seat Ultralights, turboprops, and even jets. But most are regular aircraft that look no different than the small single-engine piston certificated aircraft that my friends and I fly.

I’ve read numerous books and articles that state that I should define my mission before buying or building an aircraft. But my dreams cloud my reality. I fantasize about not having a day job and exploring the world with my family in our own plane. Alas, for the forseeable future I will have a day job and I won’t need an aircraft that can cross oceans.

So, just to get started, I’m going define the basic mission. This is the kind of flying that I want to be able to do no matter what:

With that, I will define some parameters for the project:

Ok, so all of those 5 seat jets are out of the question. Now only a few thousand aircraft designs to consider.

My plan of action is to: 1. Explore the parameters and narrow down to a small set of potential designs and 2. Determine whether I’m even going to enjoy the process of building.