guidoism Rebooting Guidoism

This is the first post of my newly rebooted blog. The last entry I made in the previous incarnation of Guidoism was on the 23rd of March, 2008. I don’t have a single reason why I stopped writing. It had something to do with not having the time for it; I had lots of unfinished and unpublished entries. It also had something to do with embarrassment; I sway back and forth between wanting my privacy and wanting to be known. A blog is the ultimate form of fodder for embarrassment. When I look back at my previous entries I’m embarrassed. I’m embarrassed about the writing, about the not-so-well-thought-out opinions, and generally about who I was or who I am as a person.

But I also miss having that outlet.

Publishing my thoughts on the internet forces me to think carefully through my arguments and forces me to attempt to construct aesthetically pleasing sentences. I know that I am not, and will not ever be very good at writing, but at least this effort pushes me down the path of improvement. Given that, I plan on re-editing published entries where I feel that it makes sense.

This discussion of outlets begs the question: Why have a blog in 2011? Wouldn’t Twitter and Facebook provide larger and more willing audiences?

While I believe that these products provide an interesting narrative, I very much dislike the shallowness and the lack of cohesiveness of the content. Therefore, I intend for the content of this blog to be the converse of my tweets or Facebook updates. My blog posts will be intermittent and untimely, and I will neglect major life events, but I will try my best to craft them into cohesive and interesting essays.

I also have a lot more to say. Since I last published I have become a father, started a company, and earned a pilots license. Naturally those will be my main topics for the forseeable future.